The Group São Salvador Alimentos S / A, is located in the state of Goiás, with headquarters in Itaberaí and a unit in Nova Veneza. They operate with poultry slaughterhouses, a rendering plant of animal meal and fats, a feed mill factory and a modern hatchery, in addition to the laying hens production. SSA has a verticalized broiler production chain, from the first step to distribution.

SSA has the rendering plant close to its slaughterhouses. From slaughterhouse the animal by product are transported immediately by hydraulic pipe lines to the rendering plant, that makes a short time between extraction and processing, which guarantees excellent quality to the final product.

The plants have modern facilities. The production capacity is 200 tons per day. They also have two internal laboratories for analysis, in addition to constantly sending samples to accredited external laboratories. All eluents are treated in a station with a processing capacity of 10 million liters / day.

SSA aims to be one of the largest Brazilian companies in the food sector, with its brands recognized and valued worldwide for the innovation and quality of its products and services.


Viscera meals, Feather and Blood meals, Viscera Oil.


Sérgio Moura | Carlos Batista Alves de Oliveira 
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