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ABRA Presentation

The Brazilian Renderers Association – ABRA represents the Brazilian Rendering Industries that produces animal meals, fats, gelatines, palatants and blood products. It is a non-profit entity. The association was founded in 2006 promoting its members, discloses actions related to the industry, representing our members with other entities and governmental entities, in addition, promotes national and international businesses.


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Strategic goals

  • Increase in rendering products exports.
  • Develop the Brazilian Renderer’s brand.


Promote the Brazilian rendering industry through strategic actions, developing potential, increasing competition in the national and international markets, promoting quality, health and sustainability.


Be recognized in the international and national market for the quality, health and sustainability of rendered products and in the production of safe feed ingredients.


  1. Act with transparency and reliability.
  2. Act with respect to every person, contracts and agreements concurred.
  3. Be, continuously and progressively, committed to the environment.
  4. Stand out for the quality of the products.
  5. Associative culture. Understand group action aiming the overall results.


ABRA’s Board of Directors

President: Pedro Daniel Bittar
Vice-President: Iedo Claudino Fuga
Vice-President: João Pedro Branquinho Bittar
Vice-President: José Carlos Silva de Carvalho Júnior
Vice-President: Valdir José Federhen
Vice-President: Victor Marques Gonçalves


Decio Coutinho

Boar of finances


Fábio Spironelli
Franciano Vieira Pires
Sergio Alves Ferreira


Hugo Leonardo Bongiorno
Rodrigo Matheus Guimarães
Valeriano Francisco de Sales

Internal Market

Name: Marcell Porto e Castro
Position: Gestor de Mercado Interno

External Market

Name: Juliano Hoffmann
Position: Gestor de Mercado Externo

Administrative Department

Name: Moisés Matos de Oliveira
Position: Analista Administrativo

Department of Intelligence

Name: Lucas Soares Portela
Position: Analista de Inteligência Comercial

Technical Department

Name: Lucas Cypriano
Position: Coordenador Técnico

Events Department

Name: Nuno Furtado
Position: Consultor de Eventos

Department of Communication

Name: Fernanda Finkler
Position: Assessora de imprensa

Name: Rafael Rodrigues
Position: Publicitário

Name: Marcelo Lara
Position: Consultor de Comunicação

Human Resources Department

Name: Michelle Sousa
Position: Consultora de RH


The Foreign Trade Chamber – CAMEX-ABRA’s main job is to support members to overcome challenges in opening and maintaining the export market, benefiting the rendering sector. Aims to encourage exports with the support of the Brazilian Renderes project, promoting the Brazilian renderers’ understanding abroad.

CAMEX is a fundamental part of the Management Committee of the Brazilian Renderers project carried out in partnership with Apex-Brasil.

Go over the main advantages of CAMEX-ABRA’s members:


  • Assistance in filling out international forms and presentation of documentation for trade missions;
  • Access to studies, newsletters and other strategic information on exports, production of animal meals, fats, blood products, gelatine, biodiesel, grains, and pet food in international markets;
  • Access to articles and economic scenarios of products and the internationalization strategy of Brazilian animal rendering;
  • Access to export procedure guides;
  • Access to surveys on tariff barriers and markets;
  • Access to lists of potential buyers;
  • Access to all legislation and health requirements to export to strategic countries
  • Get all the benefits of the Brazilian Renderers project (Partnership between ABRA and Apex Brasil)


CAMTEC-ABRA aims to raise important technical issues for the animal rendering sector. It is a body the provides the entity with counseling and instructions. The issues proposed may be discussed in specific Working Groups (WG). The Chamber has four coordinators, one per company, with a deputy, and the secretariat is chosen by ABRA’s Technical Department in bimonthly meetings. Decisions are made by consensus between the four coordinators, who will hold office for two years.


Download the bylaws of the Brazilian Renderers Association.