Seara Alimentos is one of the largest food companies in the world, which operates in the production of poultry, pork, plant based and prepared foods for over 65 years. Seara Alimentos belongs to the JBS Group, worldwide known protein producer and processor.

In the Company’s co-products area, we have 40 units for the production of meal and oils, including chicken, turkey and pork, and we export our meals and oils to more than 15 countries. Because of this, we have more than 50% share in the Brazilian exports of this segment since 2020. We are, in this sector, one of the largest Brazilian and Worldwide suppliers to the industry of petfood, acquafeed and Biodiesel.

The main differential of Seara in this market is the quality of the products since their origin. As we are a food industry, our entire production chain has control and supervision in each of the stages, which guarantees that the raw material we use in our process is always fresh, with quality and with all provenances certified by the sanitary entities and regulatory bodies.

We have a complete structure throughout the country, ready for export. That is why we place ourselves as one of the most attractive animal protein producers to make good business. Thanks!


Hydrolyzed chicken feather meal 80%, Hydrolyzed chicken blood and feather meal 80%, Chicken meal 60%, Chicken meal 56%, Chicken meal 65%, Low ash chicken meal, Chicken oil – FFA max 5%, Integral poultry meal 65%, Turkey meal 60%, Hydrolyzed turkey feather meal 80%, Turkey oil –  FFA max 5%, Pork meat and bone meal 50%, Pork meat meal 60%, Pork meat meal 70%, Pork fat –  FFA max 5%


Marco Antônio Abatti
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