Naturafrig Alimentos stands out as one of the largest beef processing companies in Brazil, with more than three decades of experience in the sector. With four units located in São Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Mato Grosso, the company serves the domestic market and exports to several countries worldwide. Employing around 4,000 employees, Naturafrig maintains a strict quality standard at all stages of production, from the slaughter of 2,800 cattle per day to the distribution of products to the final consumer.

Committed to sustainability and in compliance with the guidelines of its Socio-Environmental Policy and Cattle Purchase Policy, and respecting its customers and partners, Naturafrig Alimentos seeks to promote and stimulate sustainable cattle raising, free from illegal deforestation throughout its supply chain. Since 2014, it has been a signatory of the Legal Amazon TAC at the Barra do Bugres (MT) unit and adopts the Unified Protocol for Cattle Purchase in all its units. The company is committed to verifying 100% of its cattle acquisitions through its commercial partners and adopting mechanisms for monitoring and traceability of its direct and indirect acquisitions, demonstrating that its suppliers comply with the applicable legislation.

The company offers various product lines, such as Naturafrig for everyday use, Gold Quality and Grill for barbecues, and Festeja, which balances tenderness and flavor. Its mission is to produce food with safety and quality, contribute to Brazilian agribusiness, and continuously improve the lives of its employees and consumers.

Naturafrig prides itself on rigorous quality control in all its processes, marketing not only meat but also products related to the animal recycling area, such as bone meal, blood meal, and tallow, as well as other by-products related to slaughter.

Naturafrig aims to expand its global presence, focusing on strategic partnerships that prioritize sustainability. Guided by core values such as honesty, simplicity, integrity, ethics, and socio-environmental responsibility, Naturafrig stands out as a synonym for excellence and quality.


Bone meal, blood meal, and tallow, as well as other by-products related to slaughter.


Naturafrig Alimentos
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