Located in Presidente Prudente in the interior of the state of São Paulo, it is installed in an area of 270,000m² where the Bon-Mart slaughterhouse began operations in April 2001, carrying out the daily slaughter of 1000 heads of cattle. The numbers reveal the vast infrastructure and the potential of the slaughterhouse to serve its customers, which in the domestic market is formed by wholesalers, supermarkets, and hypermarkets, restaurant chains and steakhouses. A company that works with environmental and social sustainability. It also stands out for serving the Pet market with handmade bones for animal feed. In the area of animal rendering, it produces meat and bones meals, blood meals and bovine tallow. It supplies raw material for the Pet, biodiesel, hygiene and cleaning, and chemical industry markets.


Bovine meat and bones meals, blood meals and bovine tallow


Souza Vieira | Caio Germano
+55 (18) 3901 – 3500 | (18) 99149 – 6537