BJ Rendering, a bovine by-product industry located in Jales SP, started operations on December 4, 2008.

Sustainability has always been the basis of the company’s work from the beginning. With all the regularization of our environmental licenses taking into account the process of producing and preserving. In the first activities, the process involved negotiating the collection of merchandise, bone and belly (cattle), in some slaughterhouses, butchers and markets, a very delicate and diicult process.

The company’s values are based on customers, with a relationship of trust and quality, and punctual deliveries. In bovine tallow, the company serves 90% of the product to biodiesel companies and another 10% to soap factories.

BJ is also a service provider in storing tallow, bleaching and deodorizing tallow, a process where great partnerships were signed.

Meat meal is 100% intended for Boi Jales Animal Nutrition, its own brand, which was created to improve the meat meal product, considerably improving guarantee levels, obtaining better standards in protein, granulometry, acidity, humidity and also a guarantee of treatment with antioxidants and anti salmonella.

Boi Jales Animal Nutrition is the great differential in meat meal, and it also manufactures blood meals, a new product for the company’s business.

Today 70% of customers are PetFood, another 30% are poultry and fish farms. At the end of 2019, BJNA started its operations in the foreign market and exports meals to Africa, where it continues with monthly operations.


Meat and bone meal, animal fat (tallow).


Mateus Rocha Ribeiro
+55 (17) 99633-7196