The planet is formed by the union of different balances. Everything has its place and its destiny. Bahia Rendering, located in the municipality of Teodoro Sampaio-BA, our values are on sustainability, working with the highest technology so that livestock production residues find paths that lead them to new uses. Associated to ABRA- Brazilian Renderers, in addition to being a specialist in industrialization, plays an important role of environmental responsibility when using, in its industrial process, animals by product not used by slaughterhouses and butcher shops, preventing it from being discarded in the environment . In this way, Bahia Rendering contributes so that the slaughterhouses can comply with the environmental standards and conditions of Resolution nº430 of May 13, 2011 of National Environment Council.

The company has a complete structure for the production lines, from transportation, where trucks have a structure that allows the possibility of transporting blood and slaughter scraps separately, to the production of meals that are made in exclusive structures. All of this is done with modern, high-performance equipment coupled with strict quality control, providing a differential for greater standardization of products and respecting all legal requirements.

Bahia Rendering is currently registered with the State Inspection Service and has all products registered according to current legislation, such as meat and bone meal, mixed meal and blood meal. Company prepared to serve the State of Bahia in this endeavor of sustainability.


Meat and bone meal, Blood meal.


Caio Madureira
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