The company started in 1981, when APC scientists discovered the powerful role that functional proteins derived from plasma take part in helping to support and maintain normal immune function in animals. With a commitment to research and a passion for improving the lives of animals, APC has grown to become a world leader in the production and commercialization of blood proteins derived from plasma and red blood cells. The ingredients produced by APC are used in animal feed diets and other industries to add value through unique properties that positively impact billions of animals each year. Today, APC employs more than 500 people in 8 countries, with 17 factories worldwide. The passion for helping animals to achieve the best performance is at the heart of APC do Brasil’s mission.


Plasma and Hemoglobin powder.


Alvaro Laydner –  Diretor Executivo
+55 (49) 3331-3882 / +55 (49) 3199-2930