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Powder Plasma

Functional protein, powdered, which has high levels of natural proteins (68 to 78% CP) with high digestibility (90%) and is rich in immunoglobulins, which makes Plasma a raw material with nutritional and functional properties. Powder Plasma is an excellent liquid absorber, being completely mixable in water or becoming a thermo-reversible gel after thermal processing.

The main advantages in use are

  • Nutrients: excellent source of amino acids such as albumin and immunoglobulin.
  • Functional ingredient: helps the health of the digestive system and is soluble in water.
  • Palatability: high palatability and acts as a gelling agent due to its irreversible gel properties after sterilization.
  • Security: safe, free from anti-nutritional factors.

Product used for

Powder Plasma is widely used in the diet of animals, especially in critical stages of development, such as weaning piglets, dogs and cats, early life of broilers and laying hens, in diets in the larvae and juvenile phases of fish and shrimp, as they provide highly digestible protein, acts by protecting the flora of the animals intestines from the attack of pathogenic bacteria.